Body by Kristina sets itself apart as a fitness and wellness powerhouse by combining the best of science and holistic health knowledge. Each program is designed to fit specifically for each individual's needs to achieve long lasting, functional, noticeable results.

Learn how to move better, find muscles you never knew you had, feel taller, stronger, more aligned and balanced, relieve pain, and awaken the body you should be living in. Combining anatomy and biomechanics with a intuitive and holistic feel of each body, Body by Kristina's approach to Pilates is specific and full of purpose with the end result to feel your absolute best.


With pilates and nutrition coaching, Kristina has made so many things possible in my life again. I was a Pediatric ICU Registered Nurse. I had to leave the bedside after suffering a herniated disc in an automobile accident. I didn’t think I’d be able to do some of the things I am able to do […]